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Welcome to the BEARONS website.  It exists for the benefit of our club members and the amateur radio community in general.  We hope you enjoy your visit.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the website administrator by clicking this link.  BEARONS is one of a number of amateur radio clubs that exist within The Boeing Company’s facilities across the United States.  Some of these clubs maintain websites and for those that do, we have links to those sites on our “Other Links” page.  BEARONS is based out of Boeing’s Everett facility in Washington state.  Our club’s callsign is W7FLY - a vanity call which we applied for when the FCC re-opened that program.

We hold general membership meetings on the second Saturday of every month except as noted on the meetings schedule page.  The meetings begin at 10:00AM and are usually held in the Everett Activities Center.  Click on this link to see the rules and requirements for club membership.

The club operates and maintains a 440 MHz repeater.  The repeater is located on top of the main factory building at the Everett site.  It receives on a frequency of 448.925 MHz and transmits on an output frequency of 443.925 MHz.  A 100 Hz PL tone is utilized for access. The repeater ID is W7FLY.  If you have any questions regarding repeater operation or access, please contact us by clicking this link.  

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